Stable release

To install clisops, run this command in your terminal:

$ pip install clisops

This is the preferred method to install clisops, as it will always install the most recent stable release.

If you don’t have pip installed, this Python installation guide can guide you through the process.


Some average operations (clisops.core.average_shape) require a recent version of the xESMF package. Unfortunately, this package is not available on PyPI at the time these lines were written and it also depends on packages (ESMF, ESMpy) unavailable on windows. It can still be installed on osx/linux through conda or directly [from source](

From sources

The sources for clisops can be downloaded from the Github repo.

You can either clone the public repository:

$ git clone git://

Create Conda environment named clisops.


For windows users, you might need to edit the environment.yml file and remove the xESMF package.

$ conda env create -f environment.yml
$ source activate clisops

Install clisops in development mode:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -r requirements_dev.txt
$ python develop

Run tests:

$ pytest -v tests/